Negotiation & Conflict resolution


Negotiation is one of the most common requirements for people in working life. Although we may not consciously think about the skills we are using there are key elements of our behaviour which will contribute to our success.
Skilled negotiators show marked differences in their face-to-face behavior compared with average negotiators.

Conflict resolution

Interpersonal conflict is unavoidable, yet many people characteristically avoid conflict. This is a mistake.
Certainly no one would advocate unnecessary conflict.
Of course there are better and worse ways to handle conflicts, a business psychologist can help you how to handle it.
It also helps to view conflict and confrontation as a potential positive aspect of organizational life, rather than merely a symptom of dysfunction. Changing how you deal with difficult negotiations or conflicts takes work. It requires you to look hard at yourself, but the potential rewards are rich. You will be more happier with the results.

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